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Damien Good

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Damien works on the Paralegal team with a primary focus on Corporate and Securities Law. Within these practice areas, Damien specializes in venture capital, private placements, M&A and various other corporate and securities law compliance matters. Damien joined DuMoulin Black in 2024.

Outside of work, Damien enjoys bringing her beloved golden retriever anywhere that is socially acceptable, toting around her camera to capture memories with friends and family, and getting lost in a good book or a great song.

Prior to joining DuMoulin Black, Damien spent nearly a decade working directly for private and public companies where she gained invaluable insights into executive operations, corporate restructuring, and strategic management. Preceding her corporate career, she honed her abilities through years in customer service, cultivating a deep understanding of communication and client relations, laying a strong foundation for her current role.

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